A review of the latest data recovery software and hardware

Today’s world is full of new computer viruses, cyber attacks, and powerful ransom-ware that can corrupt your PC. There is no wonder why in this day in age it is important to have your data backed up or retrievable by using data recovery hardware or software, especially, if you are a professional.

In other cases, less threatening, such as you simply deleting your data by accident.

However, avoiding losing all of your data involves more than just relying on hard drive recovery and the software that comes with the Mac and Windows systems.

We are going to talk about the latest data recovery hardware and software recommended by Bristol’s top data recovery specialists. These will help you to save your time and energy in case you need your data retrieved.

The Top 2 Data Recovery Hardware

Disk Imager

This easy to use hardware recovery kit allows you to connect a PC system directly to the damaged drive. It will enable you to bypass the usual BIOS (Basic Input/Output System). The BIOS does not help you retrieve data from corrupted sectors.

The Disk Imager permits you to do two additional actions. First, it manages the power input to the source drive, so that, it can power the drive without rebooting. Secondly, if the hard disk times out before it finishes reading the drive, then it will skip the drive. The Disk Imager will a record of the skipped drives and will go back to them when it has completed evaluating the other sections. The price is $499/year USD (the first year is free).

PC-3000 Express System

The PC-3000 Express System is powerful hardware-software that recovers data from a corrupted disk that uses ATA (Advanced Technology Attachment) and IDE (integrated development environment) interfaces. The system gives assistance to multiple sectors. It makes it accessible for a professional to plug-in any hard drive, locate the damage, and choose the right action to recover the files.

There is no price available but you can check the ACE Laboratory’s website to see more details.

Time, speed, and efficiency are very important to a professional. The above data recovery hardware has that covered.

The Top 2 Data Recovery Software

Piriform Recuva

The best thing about Piriform Recuva is that there are multiple ways to use it. The manual scanning, wizard-driven scanning allows you to either have manual control over the software or it will provide you with direction. You customize the scan to look in certain locations, or for certain types of files. The price for Recuva Professional is US$19.95/£19.95/AU$24.95.

Wise Data Recovery

For people who are not PC experts and want simplicity when recovery data, then Wise Data Recovery is an excellent choice. All you have to do is select the drive you want to scan or type in keywords for files in the search bar. It will show the corrupt files and where they are when it finishes scanning. It’s a free data recovery software.